Saturday, December 5, 2009

Who says coats have to be black and bland?

Check out these interesting coats for inspiration on what to rock this winter.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

How to look cool on a bicycle - a la Adrian Grenier

It may be hard to look cool on a bike but Adrian Grenier (better known as Vincent Chase) makes it look easy. Note the blue-on-blue-on-blue look.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

The double breasted suit makes a comeback

Back from the dead, the double breasted suit has been resurrected. But there are some guidelines that I would suggest be followed so as to make the most of this once glorified jacket style.
  1. Make sure the jacket has the more svelt 6-button look
  2. Peak lapels (instead of the traditional notch lapel) will add to the formality of the jacket
  3. All other previous recommendations on suit tailoring apply (see earlier posts for guidelines)
Here's an example of well tailored double breasted suit (courtesy the Sartorialist Blog). (N.B.: You could choose a slimmer lapel than the one in the picture below.)

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Denim done right

Denim's been relegated of late to play the role of fabric for trousers and jackets. It's a shame because they make great shirts, not when they're loose, long, and untucked, but rather when they've been well tailored and worn properly. Check out these two looks for fresh new ideas on how to wear denim shirts. (N.B.: sleeves that have been rolled up past the elbows.) I did notice a nice denim shirt being retailed at Club Monaco stores if this post has peaked your curiosity.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Switch it up: mix-n-match your suit jackets

Break up your suits by mixing your suit jackets with your dress pants. Here are some of the looks that I liked and picked out from The Sartorialist blog.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Dress shirts, ties, and dark suits

Worried about 'matching' your dress shirts and ties with that dark suit? Read on to see how you can find outfits that you may not have thought of.

Bold shirts call for dark ties

The key to pulling off a boldly colored dress shirt is to anchor it not only with a dark suit but with a dark tie as well. Let the shirt shine (see below).

Check your stripes
Striped tie, checked shirt? No problem. Just make sure one of the base colors in the tie (black stripe, below) syncs up with the shirt checks.

If you’re going to sport a striped shirt with a striped tie, think about balance. One of the stripe patterns should be wide (in the case below, it’s the shirt’s), while the other should be narrow. And either the shirt or the tie should be neutral—they both don’t need to be vibrantly colored.

Printed shirts
A printed dress shirt, in a unique pattern like the one in the picture below, makes a statement. Match with a plain tie that pulls one color from the shirt's pattern.

Basics on wearing a black dress shirt

  1. Wear at night only.
  2. Do not pair it with a white tie — you are not a mobster.
  3. Reach for a graphic, colorful tie (note: not white, see point 2 above).

Friday, June 26, 2009

My recent NYC purchase - Lacoste Ion sport shoes

I've been meaning to replace my puma running shoes for a while now, and what better an opportunity than a trip to NYC!

After a lengthy search that led me through the shoe halls of Macy's and Lord & Taylor, I finally settled on a pair of Lacoste Ion sneakers (below). Check them out and other sneakers at these stores.

The lace-ups are a good change from the slip on shoes I've had for a while. I also like the white color with green and red accent.

There's also a huge Lacoste collection online at in case you're interested.